ImmaNjoy has three basic features: questionnaire, checklist, and article, which called EJ contents.

Created EJ contents can be published to all users, or keep within a particular group of people.


Three basic features: “Questionnaire” , “Checklist” and “Article”


You can produce not only an ordinary survey with rating scales and multiple choices, but also your original questionnaire using image, audio, and location information.

ImmaNjoy lets you choose to publish survey to all users to collect answers, or to keep within a particular group of people.



A checklist with audio and images will be the best tool to describe complicated tasks, also use voiceover to explain the workflows with specific details.

It also can be a to-do list, helping you in staying on top of your daily chores, or a work results since the result can be sent through e-mail.



“Article” is adequate for creating manuals and cooking recipes. Visual interface of ImmaNjoy help you interpret your ideas and thoughts.
Become a popular blogger and connect with people.

Power Features

Accessible from both smartphone and web browser. Create any number of questionnaire, checklist and article for free.
Intuitive interface with “image”, “audio”, the “GPS information”. Create blogs, recipes, and cooking recipes.
Gather responses from any number of people. Real-time access to survey results
Checklist also become a work record tool. Group chatting within contents.
Post to Twitter and Facebook or share with other users what you have created. Post survey results to Twitter and Facebook or share them with other users.
Publish questionnaire with rewards (JPoint) to collect answerers. Answer surveys and gain points! JPoint can be exchanged with ImmaNjoy chat stamps.

immaNjoy is ready for iOS and Web! Coming soon for Android!