The best way to ask for people’s opinion

ImmaNjoy has three basic features: questionnaire, checklist, and article, which called EJ contents. Created EJ contents can be published to all users, or keep within a particular group of people.


Market research, customer surverys, healthcare surveys, and academic research. ImmaNjoy is useful in every scene of life from business to private. Also, it can also be used as a checklist : basic todos, manuals and cooking recipes.

What you can do with ImmaNjoy

  • Create original EJContents by using “Text”,”Numeric”,”List”,”Image”,”Location”,”Voice” and ”Voice Over”.
  • Disclosure range setting of EJContents.
  • EJContents is free to create as many as you like, and enable to collect answers and work results from any number of people as you want.
  • Create blogs such as various type of manuals and receipts with article function.
  • Confirm collected answers and work results by 3 forms in real time.

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